SJW Shame Army Try to Put The Whammie on… PewDiePie??

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Saturday, December 18th ~ 2018

SJW Shame Army Try to Put The Whammie on… PewDiePie??

Oh brother. The SJW Far Left Lunatics tried to put the shame-whammie on.., PewDiePie..??

I can barely believe it! I mean, Sargon of Akkad being de-platformed, I can at least comprehend. After all, he’s a rational, pro-human, opposite-of-nihilist, super-smart guy who reveals the PC ideological war machine as the silly and blood-thirsty thing it is merely by applying reason and dry British wit. Therefore he must be destroyed! Lies and defamation and gossip-factory tell-the-teacher-on-him tactics are all fair game! (All in the name of tolerance and being nice, you understand.).

But PewDiePie??

Really?? He’s got to be one of the most endearing young media personalities on YouTube today. I don’t think there’s a mean bone in his body! He just likes to play games. And 77 million young viewers agree.

Interesting side-bar; there was the Hitler Youth, right? Buncha tragically brain-washed youngsters with arm bands who snapped out sieg heils on demand to please the authority figures in their lives. But after them? The younger brothers and sisters of the generation coming up a few years later? THEY were awesome! They saw the B.S. for what it was, instinctively recognized the propaganda and rebelled. As kids will do! They were a serious thorn in the side of the Nazi regime, and Hitler was enraged enough to have some of their leaders hanged! Wow. Hanging kids for laughing at your evil B.S. -Rebellious youth is a built-in fail safe.

I figured that the whole cell phone, anti-depressant, toxic food thing was designed in part to blunt the edge of this formidable safety feature. But the machinations of the dark side may not have been enough, (Thank God!), because it appears that the kids coming up are smarter and more resilient than the Social Justice generation before them.

As the Far Left continues to unravel, and their bleak, make-believe reality structure crumbles in the face of *actual* reality, the hysterics become shrill indeed.

To be continued, I suppose…

Watch PewDiePie’s amusing response below… Pass the popcorn!

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