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Saturday, Feb 22nd ~ 2019

New Chinese Sci-Fi “The Wandering Earth”


There’s a Cixin Liu sci-fi movie! And it looks really good!

News meanders slowly West across oceans when it comes to pop culture.

I remember being one of the first and only ‘manga’ fans back in 80’s. Like, me and maybe a dozen other guys in the whole city were even aware that Japan made these crazy-awesome comics and animations. I knew it was going to be a big hit in pop culture eventually, but it sure took its sweet time. Ironically, I don’t pay very much attention these days, having gotten my fill during my teens.

Anyway.., here’s something new and exciting from yet another foreign culture; “The Wandering Earth” is a Chinese sci-fi epic, and it’s getting limited release in the West. Boy, I sure look forward to seeing that! Cixin Liu wrote the, “Three Body Problem” one of the best new sci-fi novels I’ve come across in a long while. Billed as, “China’s Asimov”, Liu is skilled in both the hard sciences and in human insight. That’s a very tough mix to get right.

Liu writes BIG. Like, end of civilization big. No tidy little back yard science adventures for him. He ponders in broad strokes about what it’s like to face planetary alien invasion and catastrophic solar system upsets. One of the things I always find frustrating in sci-fi is that it’s hard to get BIG right. -And Liu doesn’t necessarily get it right either. He just does it from a Chinese perspective.

-Global problem solving using Chinese thinking. Lots of sacrificing the many to save the many. I’d not want to live in China and be on the wrong side of a dam project or cultural revolution, but it sure makes for great sci-fi!

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