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Monday, Nov 12, 2018
Getting caught up on Doctor Who.

Oh boy.

It’s been a long while. Capaldi’s series was too painful to watch, and I tuned out. A waste of an excellent actor!

But now it’s a woman! That seemed like a spectacularly foolish idea. I’ve always felt that if you wanted to have a cool time-hopping female adventure character that you should probably make your own rather than co-opt an existing one. -Unless, of course, your goal was not to make a good story, but to divide and conquer a target population. Either way, I had to see this for myself.

My impression? Jodi Whittiker is more of the same thing; a wasted talent like Capaldi and Smith before her. She does a passable David Tennant impression, which is high praise coming from me. I’ve measured every Doctor since Tennant on a scale of 1 to Tennant. (Get it?) So, I like her. She’s maybe a 6 or 7 that scale and seems earnest enough. I believe she’s the Doctor, though that’s where it ends. I don’t find her particularly special; All the doctors before her were stand out charismatics, engaging, each demanding attention so you could figure out what their deal was. Whittiker doesn’t leave me wondering, and she hasn’t grown on me over the course of several episodes. But whatever. She wasn’t horrible, and that’s something these days when I associate Horror with Doctor Who, (and not in the way a production team should take pride in).

I was surprised to discover that I could even go along with gender fluidity thing within the context of a cool sci-fi character, -if the whole production didn’t reek so highly of psychological manipulation and socio-political agenda. -As if this was always where the story would naturally go and the radical leftist PC movement had nothing to do with it. (What do they say in England? Bollocks!).

Because.., those scripts..! Wow. And I thought Moffat was bad as the previous show runner! (Well, he was bad, but only because he was a creepy over-sexualizing, psychopath-loving incompetent. In my humble opinion.). This new stuff however… Ick! -It’s preachy identity politicking, virtue signaling ‘progressive’ lecturing -where it isn’t Daleks or Cybermen who are the enemy, but Humanity itself! This is the kind of media squeezed into existence once it has passed through the gate-kept, racist, misanthropic anti-reality filter system typical of SJW nihilism.

-Pretending to be noble and good while, really, merely seeking an excuse to inflict shame as a weapon because, bottom line, they like to hurt people, they resent the Creation and see themselves as the perpetual victim of existence itself. The writing room team for this latest BBC offering is either made of up of such individuals (to make a very generous use of the term), or they are unwise or possibly just spineless folks who have been conned into believing/following the propaganda and now serve such masters. The result is the same: Bad stories with sound-bitten, ersatz “insight” in lieu of actual thought or anything approaching fun and adventurous narrative. A diet of over-simple memes on social media have spoiled the public appetite for actual political discourse. (And, it would seem, their ability to digest it.) And instead give us… this.

So.., gross.

If you want to dominate a species, the best way is to make it hate itself, voluntarily drug itself, eat the wrong things, think dissonant thoughts and unravel all its points of strength at every one of its most fundamental roots, even succeeding in turning the very sexes against each other! Who needs Yin and Yang when you can have all Yin all the time, baby! -Stir up class wars and race wars, turning the entire species against itself, (we’re hurting Mother Earth!), so that all the white knights are heralded into action, so that the punishment called down and delivered upon us is actually welcomed in the belief that we are deserving.

Divide and conquer via mind-games. Now THAT’s a fantastic con job!

But hey, what do I know? It’s just a TV show, after all. And what does Story have to do with the psychological health of Humanity?

Hard pass.

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