Stardrop Pencils

Stardrop Pencils


July 25, 2017

Stardrop Pencils

I thought it might be fun to make available for download the full-resolution (around 50 Mb) working file for the next episode of Stardrop. This includes the pencil and lettering layers. This is for anybody interested in trying their hand at inking my stuff… Give it a go!

I realize when looking at my pencils that I do a fair amount of detail work during the inking stage, so I tried to tighten them up a little more than usual this time for the benefit of anybody who might come across one of my scribbles and think, “Um, there’s a hand somewhere in that mess..?”

Please feel free to take liberties where you see fit. You’ll need to.

I’ve provided two file formats, both .tif and .psd which can be opened in your art program of choice. (ClipStudio doesn’t import layers from .tif very well, so if you stick with the .psd file, you should be okay.)

I’ll be posting my own finished version of this strip in a few days time, so you can compare! Feel free to send me a copy of your finished work if you feel like sharing!




-Mark Oakley

Wolfville, Nova Scotia,
July 25th, 2017