What is Thieves & Kings?

Thieves & Kings is the title of a comic book series available at comic shops throughout North America, (as well as various outposts worldwide.) The series, published irregularly, is an on-going tale about the young thief, Rubel, and the people and adventures surrounding him.

The first issue shipped to stores in September of 1994 to the praise of comic book readers everywhere, and the series has been running ever since.

In the years since then, Thieves & Kings has grown! It now fills five Graphic Novels, with another two in production. The series is aimed to wrap up in 6 books in total clocking in at over 1200 pages! Thieves & Kings will then be, I hope, an enduring tale of friendship, swashbuckling adventure, magic and coming of age. --All achieved with warmth and humanity; the kind of book you can put down and feel happy and bubbly inside for having read.

My name is Mark Oakley, and I am both the writer and the artist for the book.

Set against the backdrop of the city state of Oceansend, and magical war with dark powers, the story follows the life and adventures of the young thief Rubel and the sorceress Heath Wingwhit. Told partly in a format similar to an illustrated fairy tale, and partly in the standard frame by frame comic book style people know and love.

Throughout this site are posted a mountain of images, comics and stories to read, as well as my musings about

Thieves & Kings, comics and my life in making them. So please have a look around; if you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email. I'll write back as soon as I can!




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