What’s Up With All The Russia-Phobia Today?

What’s Up With all the Russia-Phobia?


December 17th, 2016

I was wondering about the base reasons behind all the Russo-phobia being seen today.

The reason I care is that I have zero desire to see a return to the fear-filled days where they teach kids how to duck and cover from nuclear blasts under their school desks.

-And the commie hunting paranoia which drove politics and persecuted everybody and dampened the creative impulse in every sector of life. (Go watch “Trumbo” for an example). -And all for sketchy reasons which, of course, benefited only the super-wealthy.

So yeah, I care when I see the same sentiments rising again in otherwise smart people, and I want to look at it.


What the hell, man?

Two nations, half a planet away from one another, with no physical connection worth speaking of… Why is the U.S. so consistently knicker-twisted over Russia? This has been going on for decades!

Russia was a vital partner in the fight against Hitler, and indeed poured millions of more lives into that fight than America or Europe combined, but before the last shell casings had even cooled, European and American leaders were racing around to set up Russia as the New Foe. I never understood that as a kid. It just didn’t track. Clearly, there was some burning but under-the-radar motivation.

The conflict has been sold as primarily ideological, and I’d agree with that to some degree. (Though, I’ve also read that Marxism was a Western funded initiative imported into the Russian political scene with the specific intention of creating an unworkable socialist disaster fit for pointing bayonets at. -An early version of the ever-popular regime destabilizing tactic of the Western powers. -But that’s another whole discussion).

But really… to the average normal person regardless of nationality, the prime motivation in life is just to eat well, have a warm place to sleep and the time and energy to enjoy family and friends. Does Joe Blow or Ivan Blowski really give two hoots about what people are thinking on the other side of the planet? I’d argue.., no. I certainly don’t care. Not without a LOT of sustained media whipping up.

So I really don’t buy the ideological excuse for sustained war. Not today with Islam, and not yesterday with radical socialism. And *especially* not today, when Russia is pursuing a capitalist democratic model, there’s literally no excuse for the current fervor. So what really gives?

I posted the following in another thread response dealing with the so-called Russian email hacks (which despite the media hysteria and the Clinton disappointees, has yet to be proven as anything more than make-believe wooo) and the value of Russian media, specifically, RT. I thought it would be relevant here to post on its own…

When looking at a news source, like CNN or RT, there’s the motivation behind a national voice to consider.

Breaking things down into a very simple “What does the nation really want?” question…

Central Europe and Asia are all part of one big continent, where establishing internal trade and internal natural resource management would seem to be a natural objective. How does it make sense to ship your corn and widgets half way around the globe on a giant boat when you could just drive them to the border? Russia, coming back from a collapse state, appears to be interested in re-establishing an industrial base and logical trade routes. Their national character and voice reflects this.

The Western continent, however, has no logical part in that. The U.S. is an ocean away with their own land and natural geographic trading partners readily available. And yet they have their fingers all over oil and mineral interests on the other side of the planet. -And indeed, labor and manufacturing, playing Panem to the rest of the world. This is the goal of the American Hegemonic ambition; to maintain military muscle in order to keep the slaves working the fields and all the best resources flowing West. -In fact, especially with regards to oil and closely following, money/debt holders, the U.S. powers are addicted to maintaining this status.

I would argue that this is why Russia, a big consumer and organizational center capable of mass industrial activity, always seems to register in Western hysteria; they haven’t been brought to heel like the rest of Europe, and they don’t serve the U.S. -and in fact, threaten the comfy flow of goods and energies to the West simply by existing in a healthy national state.

A strong Russia, Asia and Europe simply doesn’t need America. The reverse is not true, not with the Western level of consumption. And this is what scares the U.S. powers. That’s the bottom of it all. Skip ‘freedom’ and ‘fighting tyranny’ and all that other fabricated nonsense. It’s about making sure the world pays its protection money. And Russia, the other big kid on the block, has been holding out. That is why America hates Russia; projects their paranoid fantasies on them.

The West dearly wants to see their policy of “Regime Change” executed on Russia so as to gain control there. This, I think, is the base source of all the fear and loathing we are seeing bubbling up today in the media.

The character of a national voice is going to reflect these ambitions.

So U.S. News sources, beneath all the details and bluster, are riding on a carrier wave propagandizing the continued enslavement of the rest of the world, while recent Russian news sources are riding a carrier wave propagandizing industrial re-establishment, self-reliance and relations with natural geographic trading partners.

When you know the base psychology of the two, you can subtract for bias and see which is more likely to be bending data or outright lying in a given instance. When it comes to war policy, it becomes doubly so.

Terrorist groups used to control oil nations are useful to the U.S., which is why they are created, funded, and not-bombed. But for Russia, they represent an impediment to growth, which is why ISIS is actually being systematically wiped out by Russian forces where the Bush and Obama administrations were only paying lip service to this, but not actually doing anything.

The natural pull of cultural and economic forces would lead to best case efficiency, internal trade and internal control of resources, so there is less need to stretch reality through information warfare and military muscle to shape the world the way you want -if you happen to be Russia. The U.S. has to maintain a much larger lie in order to pretend honor in what they are doing.

My suggestion:

We have a whole continent! The New World. Can we just focus on our own business? Maybe get off slavery and build our own stuff? The U.S. already produces more fossil fuels than anybody else on the planet. Efficiency, man!

Let’s rebuild our infrastructure. Let’s build some high speed rail systems. Let’s invest in green energy. Let’s stop wasting money on bullying everybody else on the globe.

I bet we could all be a lot merrier if we would stop complaining that “Putin hacked Hillary’s email!”.